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The NISG SHOW support service provides a range of hosting and development services to suit your needs, from authoring simple websites through to development of database backed web applications.

These can be hosted on our shared infrastructure or you can have your own dedicated servers, giving you the freedom to do exactly what you want to do - using our security, monitoring and backup systems.

You can get more details from our Services page or get in touch using the Contact form. One of our team-members will be happy to help.

What can SHOW do?

We can provide you with a range of hosting and development services to suit your needs these can be viewed at Services or you can get in touch using the contact us link and one of our team members will be happy to help.

Our services

Latest projects:

NOFR - NHS Scotland Financial Returns System
A system to let health boards throughout Scotland to submit their monthly finances online.

GOS - General Ophthalmic System
This system, still in the specification stages, will allow Opticians to submit their NHS claims.

More projects

Currently supporting:

STISS - Sexually Transmitted Infection Surveillance System
STISS is an N3(NHS) based web system created to allow testing laboratories within the service to submit cases of STI's for statistical purposes.

The data received is anonymous and is purely used by the system to track the number of cases of STI's within NHS Scotland.